Preventing traffic accidents on highways is of great importance for both Highway Operators and users in terms of life and property loss. The safety of highways concerning the road itself is defined by the following factors:
  • Structural Characteristics of Pavement
  • Functional Characteristics of Pavement
  • Quality of Traffic Signs
In this context, below is a summary of the areas of operation of the foreign companies KOMSA collaborates with and represents as the sole authorized distributor in Turkey.
Dyna Test
Dynatest International A/S is involved in the development of pavement testing systems and equipment used to evaluate the structural properties of road and airport pavements. The company also creates and develops software for these purposes. Utilizing these systems, Dynatest provides pavement evaluation, data analysis, engineering services, design, and software solutions, as well as the creation and operation of pavement management systems.
Zehtner Testing Instruments is a company that manufactures and supplies testing devices for road and construction materials. The company develops high-quality testing equipment specifically used to evaluate the physical properties and performance of asphalt, concrete, and other construction materials. Zehtner’s product range includes surface roughness measuring devices, friction testing devices, thickness measuring devices, material hardness testing devices, and similar testing equipment. These devices provide the precise measurements and analyses necessary to ensure the quality and safety of construction projects. KOMSA is the representative of Zehtner in Turkey for road marking and traffic sign reflectivity measurement devices.
Findlay Irvine is a company that develops innovative testing and monitoring solutions for the transportation and infrastructure sectors. The company produces various measurement and monitoring devices for road safety, rail systems, airports, and general infrastructure applications. Their product range includes friction testing devices, environmental monitoring systems, road surface condition analysis devices, and rail system performance monitoring equipment. Findlay Irvine’s solutions provide comprehensive data and analysis to enhance the safety, performance, and sustainability of road and rail infrastructure. KOMSA is the representative of Findlay Irvine in Turkey for road and airport pavement skid resistance measurement devices.