KOMSA, which has adopted the principle that following modern technology and innovations in the sector is one of the leading principles of success, attaches primary importance to communication and cooperation with  nationam and international institutions and organizastions in this context. As a result of this working approach that provides continous improvement, it has up-to-date information about technological developments, innovations and new methods, and combines them with its experiences reflecting on the projects undertaken. 

Fields of Activity

KOMSA provides construction, engineering and consultancy services in many fields with its expert, experienced technical staff who have made their name at the top in their fields at home and abroad, and all their colleagues.

Construction Works

Modifiye Bitüm

Modified Bitumen​


Port and Terminal Equipment

Pavement Test and Measurement Equipment

Our Vision

KOMSA is a company that, since its establishment, has progressed steadily and significantly, standing out with its emphasis on people and the environment, operating with the principle of sustainability, embodying a team spirit that ensures reliability, adding value to its industry, and consistently maintaining this stance as a fundamental principle.